San Diego, CA


  • Christos Nicolaidis

    Christos is a visionary technology entrepreneur and seasoned corporate executive with over 30 years of experience building high-performance, multi-disciplinary teams bringing products to market.…
    Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer​
  • John Grimm

    A true pioneer in mechanical engineering and computer aided design.  John holds nearly 50 patents for his groundbreaking inventions, including life-saving medical devices, surgical…
    Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
  • Greg Garner, CFA, MBA

    Greg brings extensive financial and operational leadership experience to the Philter Technologies team, including more than two decades as an institutional portfolio manager and…
  • David Paton

    David Paton is a distinguished corporate innovation leader with over two decades of experience in product strategy, product development, and pioneering new-to-world innovations. David…
    David Paton
    Chief Innovation Officer & Senior Advisor
  • Andrew Curry

    Andrew brings extensive investor engagement leadership to Philter Technologies, including two decades as a strategic and private equity advisor for creative intellectual property startups.…
    Investor Relations
  • Kim Crawford

    Kim Crawford brings a diverse skill set to her role as Creative Director, with experience spanning 3D graphic arts, content creation, integrated marketing strategies,…
    Kim Crawford Headshot
    Creative Director
  • Natanya Wachtel, Ph.D.

    Dr. Natanya Wachtel, a distinguished figure in the intersection of behavioral sciences, integrative wellness, digital health and media. With a background launching household brands…
    Science Strategic Advisor
  • Willie McKinney, Ph.D., DABT

    Dr. Willie McKinney is an established regulatory and inhalation toxicology expert with over two decades of research, product development, and regulatory strategy experience in…
    Science Strategic Advisor
  • Michael Werely, MS, Ph.D., DABT

    Dr. Werley is a former Principal Scientist for Philip Morris and research authority in toxicological assessment of industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer…
    Science Strategic Advisor
  • Timothy Fitzwilliam

    Registered Patent Attorney, Timothy Fitzwilliam began his career as a U.S. Navy Nuclear Engineer specializing in reactor controls and instrumentation.  Subsequently, his legal experience…
    Chief Patent Council
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