The June subscription box will feature augmented reality on a custom glass pipe to bring a new level of engagement to monthly customers

San Diego, CA – Philter Labs, the first and only technology-enabled filtration company to pioneer a new category of micro-sized personal air filters that eliminates 97% of secondhand smoke, is partnering with the Daily High Club, the leading subscription box for smokers, to provide their customers with a first-of-its-kind augmented reality (AR) experience on a custom glass pipe in the June subscription box. AR gives consumers the ability to interact and learn more about their favorite products without having to leave their homes and can be used to fill in gaps that COVID-19 has created in the retail space. 

“PHILTER’s mission is to lead a cultural shift in how people smoke and vape as well as offer inspired ways that our consumers interact with our products as well,” said Amanda Bryd, Chief Marketing Officer at Philter Labs. “In addition to offering our limited-edition orange POCKET in the June box, we are also using the PHILTER mobile app to activate a piece of video content directly on the custom glass pipe included in the box. It’s a unique way to add a layered experience for consumers and we’re excited to launch it with category leader Daily High Club.” 

Around 80% of traditional marketing avenues are closed to the cannabis industry, making it more difficult for companies to grow their brands and reach potential customers. With traditional advertising bans imposed by individual states, marketing in the cannabis industry must turn to more creative outlets to reach customers and increase brand awareness and value. 

Daily High Club is a monthly smoking subscription box that deliveries high-quality smoking supplies and accessories. Since 2015, Daily High Club has been providing smokers with products delivered to their doorstep monthly. Industry icons such as Tommy Chong have worked in collaboration with the brand. 

“We are constantly looking to bring innovative products to our subscribers. Through our partnership with PHILTER and the augmented reality experience, we’ll not only further that mission but also launch a new level of engagement with our customers,” said Elizabeth Whiting, Head of Marketing and Creative Director at Daily High Club. “This collaboration will allow for us to continue pushing the boundaries of the cannabis industry.”

The collaboration between the two companies is available for Daily High Club’s June subscription box. Inside of the box will be a limited edition, custom orange Philter POCKET and will feature a video montage from Daily High Club’s featured influencers: MacDizzle420 and Koala Puffs who have collaborated together under their co-brand Dizzle Puffs. By using the PHILTER app through the Apple Store or Google Play, subscribers will be able to use augmented reality to bring the custom glass pipe to life and create a memorable experience while at home. 

Philter’s next-generation filtration technology, crafted by a team of industry experts, scientists and engineers, is specifically designed to reduce the impact of secondhand smoke and shift the culture of smoke and vaping to one that focuses on collective social responsibility. 

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ABOUT PHILTER LABS: PHILTER Labs, Inc. is a technology company creating advanced solutions for the modern-day vaper. Pioneering a new category of personal filtration accessories, PHILTER Labs, Inc. invented Zero-5™️ Technology, the first-of-its-kind, scientific process to eliminate smoke and vape through a series of molecular changes that results in zero emissions. Offering practical, reliable products that encourage conscientious, universally acceptable vaping practices, PHILTER™️ is on a mission to serve as a catalyst for necessary and impactful social and environmental change. For more information please visit

ABOUT DAILY HIGH CLUB: Daily High Club is a smoking subscription box for essentials. The monthly box is full of smoking accessories anyone would need. Daily High Club offers glassware and more in a combo box or sold separately! Daily High Club has one simple goal: to make the smoking experience easier, more enjoyable, and less expensive. For more information please visit