The tech company recently launched their philanthropic arm, the Philter Project Initiative, announced $1M in new funding, and established a new strategic advisory board 

San Diego, CAPhilter Labs — the first and only technology-enabled filtration company to pioneer a new category of micro-sized personal air filters to eliminate the impacts of secondhand smoke — announced today that April was their best month for direct to consumer sales, up 34% from March.  

“Philter’s mission is to keep the air free of contaminants — for our health and our environment,” said Philter Labs CEO, Christos Nicolaidis. “We’re excited to keep growing the company with our best month of sales to date, despite the challenges imposed by COVID-19. Our current momentum shows consumers are hungry for options that allow them to vape responsibly and advocate for cleaner air.” 

The rise in sales also follows a recent $1 million investment from a global cannabis private equity firm. Since then, the funding has been distributed to support growth, continue research and development, and bolster the launch of new leading-edge products to filter emissions and reduce the spread of airborne contaminants. 

This announcement comes on the heels of Philter’s partnership with global reforestation non-profit One Tree Planted, which also served as the launch of the company’s philanthropic arm – the Philter Project Initiative. Through the partnership, which launched on Earth Day, the environmental nonprofit planted a tree for every Philter product sold through the month of April.  In less than 24 hours, Philter Labs donated $1,075 and contributed to planting over 1,000 trees. 

“We are laser-focused on protecting our health, the environment, and the personal right to vape. All three things depend on filtering emissions as effectively as possible,” said Philter CTO and inventor, John Grimm. “Our patented-zero five technology does just that, and it’s great to see an increased number of people experiencing those benefits during such a critical time.” 

Secondhand smoke causes approximately 7,330 deaths from lung cancer and 33,950 deaths from heart disease each year. Philter Lab’s patented technology eliminates up to 97% of emissions and harmful vapors.This quarter, Philter Labs enlisted a series of health and safety experts to comprise their new Strategic & Scientific Advisory Board (SSAB), which provides short and long-term business counsel and advises the team on technical and strategic initiatives to expand the company’s impact on mitigating secondhand smoke. Key members of the SSAB include:

  • Josh Campbell, CEO of Human Improvement (hi!), former President of Dosist
  • Jenny Diggles, CSO of Dalwhinnie Group, former VP of Strategy Cura Partners, Inc. (Cura Leaf)

“Philter aims to revolutionize the way people vape while ensuring cleaner air and a better environment for everyone,” says Jenny Diggles, CSO of Dalwhinnie Group. “Philter is providing the tools and products people need to vape responsibly, and I am proud to participate in their strategic advisory board to continue advancing their mission and innovations around cutting edge products to drastically reduce secondhand smoke emissions.” 

Philter’s next-generation filtration technology, crafted by a team of industry experts, scientists and engineers, is specifically designed to reduce the impact of secondhand smoke and shift the culture of vaping to one that focuses on collective social responsibility by utilizing a patented five-step filtration process that manipulates smoke and vapor at the molecular level to dissipate emissions and dissolve harmful particulates and pollutants.

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ABOUT PHILTER LABS: PHILTER Labs, Inc. is a technology company creating advanced solutions for the modern-day vaper. Pioneering a new category of personal filtration accessories, PHILTER Labs, Inc. invented Zero-5™️ Technology, the first-of-its-kind, scientific process to eliminate smoke and vape through a series of molecular changes that results in zero emissions. Offering practical, reliable products that encourage conscientious, universally acceptable vaping practices, PHILTER™️ is on a mission to serve as a catalyst for necessary and impactful social and environmental change. For more information please visit

About Josh Campbell: Josh Campbell is an experienced leader in the health and wellness space. AsCEO of Human Improvement (hi!) and former President of Dosist,Josh has led teams, ranging from startup to Fortune 500 multinational entities, primarily in the retail space.

About Jenny Diggles: Jenny is the CSO for Dalwhinnie Group, based in Aspen Colorado, and is co-founder of CannabisDNA, a human genomics and data company. Prior to joining Dalwhinnie Group, Jenny was the VP of Strategy for Cura Partners, Inc. (Cura Leaf) and has helped to build two cannabis funds.