San Diego, CA
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John Grimm

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

A true pioneer in mechanical engineering and computer aided design.  John holds nearly 50 patents for his groundbreaking inventions, including life-saving medical devices, surgical implementation, kinesiological devices and many consumer and industrial products in the market today.

John’s engineering versatility extends to a variety of industries and products. His unique ability to design complex mechanisms, valving, and flow systems led to several breakthroughs here at Philter Technologies, including first-of-its-kind active microfiltration and bi-directional airflow delivery. He is author and co-author of nine granted patents covering the emission control option of an e-cigarette, with several others in pending or provisional status.

John is a U.S. Navy veteran and recipient of numerous commendations during active duty.  After exiting the Navy, he continued serving his country as a consultant for the U.S. military on ballistic and weapons projects, prior to moving into the private sector.  He continues his passion supporting fellow disabled veterans through various organizations and fundraising channels.

John Grimm - Philter Labs Technology