e-Cigarette Industry Leader Dr. Michael S. Werley To Provide Expertise in Vaping Science and Technology

SAN DIEGO, CA. – Dec. 9, 2019—In alignment with the company’s corporate charter to reduce the harmful effects of vaping and smoking, Philter Labs, Inc. created a Scientific and Strategic Advisory Board (SSAB) and announced Dr. Michael S. Werley, MS, Ph.D., D.A.B.T. as an advisor. Highly respected in his field, Dr. Werley has nearly 2 decades of technical experience at Altria and Philip Morris. Dr. Werley will add significant support to Philter Labs’ robust and ever-growing science and technology platform aimed at reducing harm from smoke and vapor.

“Progressing the momentum of our proprietary nanofiltration systems and enhancing Philter Labs ability to continue to create innovative solutions continues to be our #1 goal. We see Dr. Werley as an incredible addition to our team and look forward to continuing this journey with him,” said John Grimm, Philter Labs CTO.

Philter invented ZERO-5 technology — a five-step, nanofiltration process that molecularly manipulates secondhand vape and smoke to reduce emissions; all encapsulated in the world’s first hand-held filter measuring at a mere 4 INCHES tall and ½ INCH wide. ZERO-5 is just the beginning and core to new solutions the company plans to commercially reveal in 2020.

“Our mission is to reduce the harmful effects of vaping and smoking emissions on public health with cutting-edge technology and products that encourage conscientious practices,” Philter Labs Co-Founder and CEO, Christos Nicolaidis said. “Dr. Werley’s wide ranging experience will help us continue to innovate and expand our technology platform and our portfolio.”

The Scientific and Strategic Advisory Board (SSAB)

Created to advise Philter Labs on technical and strategic initiatives to expand the company’s impact on mitigating secondhand smoke. The Scientific and Strategic Advisory Board will help guide Philter’s short and long-term business strategies. Philter Labs will be announcing additional advisory board member experts in the near future.

Dr. Michael S. Werley spent over two decades at Philip Morris/Altria, most recently serving in the capacity of Principal Scientist. He has authored numerous research studies on tobacco, nicotine, toxicity, inhalation, exposure, and harm reduction. Dr. Werley earned a Ph.D., in Pharmacology/Toxicology from Temple University School of Pharmacy and a Master of Science (MS) from Temple University School of Medicine.

“I firmly believe that the next generation of e-cigarettes and vaping devices will be focused on reducing harm from smoking and vaping protecting through integrated new technologies which are seamlessly incorporated within each device. I’m excited to be contributing to designing the future with Philter,” Dr. Werley commented.

About Philter Labs, Inc.

Philter Labs, Inc. is a technology company offering small, stylish, and affordable products powered by Zero 5 technology that allows conscientious vaping practices while reducing the harmful impacts of second hand vape and smoke. PHILTER™ serves as a catalyst for impactful social and environmental change. For additional information, please visit PhilterLabs.com



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