San Diego, CA
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Kim Crawford

Creative Director
Kim Crawford brings a diverse skill set to her role as Creative Director, with experience spanning 3D graphic arts, content creation, integrated marketing strategies, advertising, and business development. Her passion for art began at a young age when she started editing and producing films at just 13 years old, showcasing an early talent for visual storytelling. Over the years, Kim has honed her abilities through various mediums, including photography, oil painting, and graphic design. Recognizing the potential of emerging technologies, she ventured into 3D art, driven by her belief in the power of game engines for creative expression.

Her portfolio showcases a unique vision and dedication to her craft. Kim has collaborated with brands across industries such as Custom Automotive (SoFlo Jeeps), Restaurants (Valentino Cucina Italiana), Water Sports (BBTalkin), Yachting, and Professional Athletes. Kim Crawford continues to explore new avenues for visual storytelling, delivering innovative and captivating work.

Kim Crawford - Philter Labs Technology