San Diego, CA
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Natanya Wachtel, Ph.D.

Science Strategic Advisor

Dr. Natanya Wachtel, a distinguished figure in the intersection of behavioral sciences, integrative wellness, digital health and media.

With a background launching household brands for over 20 years, Dr. Natanya Wachtel (Natanya) has mastered the art of merging customer behavior science with media, turning nascent ideas into prominent brands that resonate deeply with audiences.  Her strategic prowess not only launches products but also pioneers new pathways in mental wellness, particularly within psychedelics and integrative medicine combined with traditional Western treatment paradigms.

Natanya is the driving force behind several influential shows such as ‘The Natanya Experience’, ‘Psych & Hip Hop’, and ‘Game Mindset’. Each program is crafted to address critical gaps in public discourse about mental health, blending entertainment with enlightening content that breaks down barriers between professional fields and mainstream audiences. Her upcoming collaboration on A+E’s “Coming of Age” that will feature both celebrity and ‘everyday people’s stories of transformation and pursuing passions after age 40, along with her role as a co-host of a new Healthcare focused TV show, ‘HealthVision’ further exemplifies her role as a connector, bridging the gap between clinical insights and everyday health conversations in households across the nation.

Natanya’s work is a testament to her unique position at the nexus of healthcare, technology, and media—her initiatives not only entertain but educate, making her an invaluable voice in both the health and entertainment industries. Her endeavors underscore her commitment to being a trendsetter and thought leader, who transforms the landscape of how health and wellness are perceived and discussed in society.

Natanya Wachtel, Ph.D. - Philter Labs Technology