San Diego, CA
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Andrew Curry

Investor Relations

Andrew brings extensive investor engagement leadership to Philter Technologies, including two decades as a strategic and private equity advisor for creative intellectual property startups.

As a senior advisor and head of investor relations, Andrew faces the capital markets and works closely with the c -suite to embed the investor relations function in corporate strategy. Andrew utilizes deep knowledge in multiple sectors and expertise in competitive benchmarking to articulate Philter’s investment case to high growth investors. ‘I joined the Philter Tech team because I saw the step-change potential in their patented technology.’

Andrew previously worked at JPMorgan Chase Bank as a portfolio risk advisor responsible for identifying external market risk and controlling internal financial risk within the bank’s vast commercial real estate portfolio. For over a decade, Andrew’s expertise in risk modeling and audit and control increased asset value across multiple portfolio expansions stemming from the acquisitions of Bank One, Bear Sterns, and Washington Mutual.

Andrew holds a B.A. in Economics from Fordham University.

Andrew Curry - Philter Labs Technology